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Writing is the most difficult task in blogging, both newbies and pro bloggers find it difficult to breastfeed their blog with quality contents and end up complaining about not getting organic traffic. Honestly, for you to get noticed on Google you have to put more efforts on your blog contents.

Not just flushing out words or sentences inform of blog posts, your contents must be unique, written with style, curative and informative,  written with your audience in mind.

I have been noticing uncountable mistakes from some Bloggers when I visited their sites. Must of them will be writing like they are in exam hall, some like they were forced to write a project or a journal (grammar open grammar).

One thing we refused to understand is that, your audience are not after how good you are in English or how perfectly you can structure your English. The main point here is to write what your audience can understand, to forward the information to them in a simple manner. If your audience have to check a dictionary before grabbing your contents, I'm very sorry brother, honestly, you're killing your blogging business.

You don't just provide information to your audience, but also to entertain your audience, if you like sing for them or even cry in your post if that can put smiles on their faces by doing so. Yes! Cry out!!!!

We all have our talents, don't be surprised if you see someone crying in a post. That is his or her own uniqueness.

The only difference between blog posts (contents) and some textbooks out there is the style of writing. When you're reading a textbook you might probably feel boredom because most textbooks are written "as it is" meaning that they are full of straight point keywords. The author don't care to entertain the readers, his target is for you to grab the main point. That is why I disgust reading textbooks when I was in high school.

I can spend the whole night reading different blog posts online but to read a page in my notebooks is a big problem.

Anyway, what I want you to understand here is that, if you're really serious with Blogging and you want to make a real money Blogging (not like those shouting and hyping earnings online) then, you have to take contents as a KING. Because, content is the ruler of your Blogging territory.

If you don't, your ranking will suffer like a hunting Dog in a Sahara.

If you can't deal with your blog writing task or if you want to get more closer to SERP with the power of SEO contents, you have me on board already. Whether you're running a tech blog or any other niche. My work is to help you run a couple of research online base on the topic that you want and come up with a well written articles, SEO friendly contents, evergreen contents, sweet, unique, dope, and smooth for Google ranking.

Otherwise, if you think you can scale through with copy and pasting...you're Good to Go!

I don't need to make noice on the consequences. I guess you even know better than me.

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