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About Us

Welcome to the ultimate tech blog. I'm Bilal Abdullahi well-known as Bil-blogger. A blogger, app developer, Architect, and webdesigner. My online presence is to provide a tutorial on blogging and easiest guide to start a blog and make money online. Be it a blogspot blog or WordPress blog, you can also achieve your goal on any platform that you are using.

I believe a lot of pro bloggers have written about blogspot blog, lamenting that you cannot make money while using a free hosting blog (blogger.com). Actually, I don't really believe in their says. why? Because there are many pro bloggers that I know who make a living from their blog and initially their blog was hosted on Blogger.com (blogspot). however, they migrated to WordPress platform after their blog have become successful.

So don't believe in any "damn says" that you cannot take your blog business to the climax on blogger platform.

If you are from Nigeria I believe you must know about:

and many more...

All of them started on blogger.com and when their blog became successful then, they migrated to WordPress platform.

In fact, my blog techshouters.com.ng is hosted on blogger.com I just redirected the domain name to a custom domain (from bilatechblog.blogspot.com to techshouters.com.ng)

But the challenges you might face is how to improve your blogspot blog SEO (search engine optimization) and that is the reason why I created this blog (techshouters) so that I can share my little knowledge and mighty experiences on how to create a successful blog be it on either blogger.com or wordpress.org

Below guides are necessary for you to succeed in your blog journey:

  • Blog SEO
  • Blog tips and tricks
  • SEO tools
  • SEO friendly gadgets
  • Writing SEO contents
  • Goodle AdSense approval guides
  • Blog Marketing strategies

Once you can give your time to learn the above blog technics then your blog success is a goallllll!!!

I used to get more than 4000+ page views on each of my articles I posted in this blog and you can also get more than this in your blog. Hmm, Its not a magic. Anything on internet is damn real.

Techshouters's post views

So, there is nothing like magic in bloggersphere. It's just that you have to learn some basics of SEO tools and blog tips which I will be writing here at techshouters.com.ng

When I started blogging on November 2018 I faced a lot of challenges but I put more effort to see that I have learned all what is necessary to improve my blog traffic. I created techshouters on 7th January, 2019 (just recently) and you can see how much traffic I'm generating now in this blog site. Google started ranking my blog site on 27th January, 2019 because of the quality contents and SEO friendly articles I used to write on this blog.

In case you are still doubting or trying to confirm on internet whether someone can make money blogging. Then i will boldly tell you that it might be too late for you. But if you have a blog already you are a kinda lucky, just stick to some blog tutorial websites like techshouters.com.ng in order to take your blog to the next level.

The reason why I'm telling you this is because most of real life businesses are dynamic, but one of the things that’s stuck around without changing too much is blogging.

People love to share their thoughts and ideas while other people love to read them and just by doing so will result to a huge online income.

Why techshouters blog?

As I mentioned earlier, techshouters blog is a website created mainly to shout out technology beyond the horizon in the world of Bloggersphere.

In addition to my own blogs, several of my friends from Facebook asked me to help them set-up their blogs.

This happened so often that one of my friend jokingly began to call me as “Techshouter”.

I realized that there must be a lot of people out there that wishes to begin their own blog(s), but just don’t know where to start.

Since I can’t tutor everybody in person, I decided to create a blog that I can  show people exactly how to do it, even if they have no prior experience in blogging.

When pondering what to call the website, I decided that my nickname would work great. So, that’s how Techshouters.com.ng came to live!

If you want to know more about me, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and join me on my chatbuk app.

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I simply needed to mention many thanks for your sensible recommendation, support and easy to follow step by step guide. I ne'er thought in a very million years somebody like me, with no tech abilities would be able to start up their own blog! I have a large quantity to be told regarding blogging however it’s such nice fun it'll be a pleasure.Once again thank you. I absolutely could not have got this far without you.

I finally determined to begin a blog, but had no real idea how to go about it. I did a search and came across The techshouters, read the simple steps – and within 45 minutes, I had a blog up and working…..and I am happy with it. Would highly recommend this site! Also signed up for the newsletter.Thank you Bilal!
John ezziyd

Thank you soooo much! I’m excited to begin and I’m doubly excited I found your post while not having to travel through one hundred pages and multiple sites.Thanks again!

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