Connected revolution: my reasons for becoming a blogger and digital marketer

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I don't plan to become a politician, I don't plan to fly around with my certificate, I don't plan to beg before I get. All I planned is to become the Boss of my kingdom, all I planned is to create my brand and leverage the advantages of online presence.

When last did you undergo a research just to know where the world is heading to. I mean the world of entrepreneurs, Bloggers, social media influencers and digital marketers. The world that you work towards your goals whatever the rough going, not the world that people feed themselves with procrastination.

You might not know what is going on. But let me tell you this. We are no longer in industrial revolution and computer revolution. We are now in Internet revolution. According to Forbes, the internet revolution is the new industrial revolution. And trust me, we are moving to connected revolution in 2020.

According to bmmagazine (business matters magazine):

Gartner forecasts that the number of physical objects connected to the Internet, otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT), is expected to increase to 26 billion by 2020 . 

Connected revolution is a stage where Bloggers, social media influencers and digital marketers make millions of dollars by connecting themselves with one another. They might not know each other but they are benefiting from the connections.

Now, take a look at how many people make money on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, tumblr, Qoura and lot more.

The secret behind connected revolution and how social media influencers make millions of money

Do you ever think that if you have Instagram account that is counting 50k+ followers you can make a lot of money buy promoting your products or promoting company's brands and get paid?

Amazing right??

Now, tell me out of your 50k Instagram followers how many of them do you know in real life? Few or non of them right???

But they still buy your products if they needed it. This is the power of connected revolution which will be fully emerged in 2020

Let me give you one example my people from the North. I believe must of you knew "Hausa Fulani" YouTube channel.

Hausa Fulani Youtube channel is the most popular YouTube channel in the northern part of Nigeria.

The guy that manage "Hausa Fulani" YouTube channel is from Kano State. He started vlogging without even knowing how to monitize YouTube channel. Guess what?
"Hausa Fulani" is charging not less than 200,000naira per advert in Kano State.

Right from Sahad store, muddasir furnitures down to alpen. I have been in kano since 2015 to 2019 running my undergraduate program (Bsc. Architecture) and I have run one-on-one business with these people that I mentioned here. So, I'm talking from an experience. Of a recent, the channel is counting 200k+ and he don't even know 200 subscribers out of the 200k+ subscribers physically. But, he have been making thousands of Naira from the channel just because he used the platform to get connected with the audience while business owners pay to reach their audience through the platform.

Now, let's come down to South, west and Eastern part of Nigeria. If you are instablogger. Meanwhile, If you own Instagram account for celebrity's gossip and entertainments, I believe you must have once come across instablog9ja page. Instablog9ja is managed  by Nigerian celebrity, sex therapist and social media influencer popularly known as jaruma_empire.

This lady is from northern part of Nigeria (Gombe state) but about 75% of her instablog9ja followers are from South, East and Western part of Nigeria. She is charging 500k-1million naira just for advert on her personal Instagram page (jaruma_empire) and instablog9ja.

Till date, more than half of her instablog9ja followers don't really know the lady behind instablog9ja, but she's making a passive income from them.

This is the power of connected revolution!

You are reading this article now and I guess you have been on Facebook for the past 5 years now. Have you ever use your Facebook account to make money?

Most of you will start asking me HOW?

Anyway, it's too late already. But here is a good news for you.

Honestly, facebook founder (mark zuckerberg) have been cheating us all this while. Why because, you post news on Facebook for free, you comment for free, you build more than 2k followers for free, you even like posts for free why he is there enjoying your hardworking.... A big lol to all Facebook users!!!!

While there is a platform for you to get paid for sharing post, reading news, and commenting on sponsored post. In fact, you can make more than 50k monthly by doing this simple task on the platform. So, to cut the long story short, you can check how this platform works and how you can use it to generate passive income using your smartphone.

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