100 reasons why you should avoid deleting your blog post

Did someone ever advice you not to delete your blog post? Whether yes or no..Today, I won't just advice you but to warn you not to delete your blog post.

Wait oo!..If you really don't like the post why publishing the post in the first place?
Oh!..maybe the post doesn't generate traffic the way you was expecting.

Well, you may have some reasons in one way or the other, but that shouldn't make you to delete your blog post. Anyway, there are no 100 reasons but let me tell you the only reason why you should avoid deleting your blog post.

If you're really conversant with my blog since the first day I started running techshouters.com.ng you will noticed that I have deleted some of my blog posts which caused a big problems to my blog.

I wasn't know the consequences until I received mail from Google search console where they stated that my blog is getting 100% bounce rate. I was like OMG!

Though it doesn't affect my organic ranking but bounce rate kills blog. Why? Because, visitors no longer spend much time reading your blog posts.

Once they visit your blog and noticed that there is little or no explanation on what they are looking for, they will hover to another blog instantly. Sometimes, going out of point also causes bounce rate. But deleting a blog post causes the major effects.

Remember that before you delete your blog post, the post has already been indexed on Google, meanwhile even if you deleted the post it would continuously appearing on Google when ever someone search for a related content but when the person click on your post tittle it would show that the content is no longer on your site. And this usually send back your visitors and suck down your blog traffic.

How do you feel when you try to make an urgent call...booom!!!...you  noticed that the number you're trying to call is kindly switched off. Very annoying right?

The same thing happened to your visitors when they are looking for a particular information from your blog and they finally find out that the information is no longer existing in your blog

how to handle old blog posts without deleting them

Since you have some blog post that doesn't generate a reasonable daily pageviews the best solution is to repurpose the blog post.

Here is how to do that

Firstly, edit the blog post and rewrite the content, you can also rewrite the post tittle but don't change the permalink. After this step, add more value to the post by elaborating more information on which the post is to serve.

Also, add "conclusion" to the post for better understanding. Many bloggers usually do this mistake by not making a conclusion in each of their blog posts. Recently, I wrote on the importance of using a "conclusion paragraph" in my previous post. You can read the post HERE for your own benefit.

Tips on how to get more pageviews with your old blog post

For you to generate more traffic with your old  blog post you need to do some tricks which I'm going to show you here. Open your eyes very well and follow this trick that will make your old blog posts to perform well more than any blog posts you have.

I have been using this method in my other blogs and it really works very great for me. So, how does this trick works?

Actually, it's not too technical but a little wisdom needed to be applied. If your old blog posts are not getting views surely you must have includes some keywords which your competitors are ranking for.

This ranking difficulties usually happened when you don't undergo a thorough research to know the search volume and best keywords to use before writing your blog post. Now, to solve this problem you have to replace your old blog post keywords with their synonyms. How do I do that?

For instance, if your old blog post title is "how to write a great blog post" your keywords here is "blog post". Therefore, instead of using "blog post" you can change it to "blog content" (here the POST is replaced with CONTENT) now your old blog post tittle will change to "how to write a great blog content" instead of "how to write a great blog post".

Even if I stopped here I believe you have learn something new today. So, please don't delete your blog post once you have published the content in order to avoid bounce rate.

And once you follow my tips, your old blog post will look sweet and become a 'ready made' for Google to reindex it.

Finally, before you write a new blog post make sure you undergo a thorough research to know your competitors that are already ranking for the same  information that you want to share with your audience.

Give more emphasis on the keywords that they are using, post length, on page and off page SEO and their writing style. By doing so will give you more insight on how they used to over ranked you.

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Remember!.. As time goes on I will keep exposing some Blogging secrets that you can never get it on any platform for free unless I decided to vomit and shout it here!

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