How to avoid blogging frustration and stay focused while watching your blog success

It has been I while I dropped a new post here. Good day family and friends, I'm so happy to have you guys on my board all the time. Well, I have been occupied for a couple of months that is why I kept blogging aside so as to get some important things fixed.

My post for you guys today is all about how to avoid blogging frustration and stay focused while watching your blog success.

Indeed, we do a lot of mistake when Blogging, sometimes we feel like giving up for Blogging. A lot of newbies quit blogging because of previous Mistakes they have done and they think they can't keep pushing further.

Honestly, Blogging is very annoying sometimes. Especially, when you're expecting to start making some real money from your blog and you were confused which monetization network to go for.

Some will stick to AdSense while some affiliate marketing. Getting approved by these ad networks is not even the problem. But, watching that money flowing after implementing the monetization channels in your blog is where the game started.

A long the way, you will noticed that the AdSense is either getting huge clicks no earning or not getting clicks. The affiliate marketing getting clicks but no conversion or just the links on your blog without even getting noticed by your blog visitors talkless of getting clicks.

A lot of obstacles happened during your blogging journey. What requires of you is to be patient, be patient my friend.

Blogging is not a get reach quick. It takes a couple of years before you can achieve your aims for Blogging. This is just an advice to all my colleague in struggle. Trust me you're going to make that six fiqures online when you stay focused and keep pushing all things together.

When I started this blog I wasn't even know what I was doing. I don't have SEO knowledge nor how to write SEO contents. But as times goes on I try to develop the skill of speaking in my own words online and putting some SEO skill in my blogging hustles.

Some of you will be surprised why I have stay long without dropping a single post here. Well, this is what I should have told you guys before now. I'm very sorry and sorry for staying too long. Actually, I set up  new blog ( which I gave more time and focused on running the blog.

Fortunately, I decided to check just to see how far things have gone on this blog, then I realized that this blog have been generating huge traffic on daily basis despite that I have not drop a single post here for more than 3 good months. Still the blog is killing!

Because of its presence on Google (SERP). I'm now seing a good result on this blog. A little effort I put for some months back is now counting some powerful traffic. So, I have to concentrate on to see what will be the final result.

The lesson I want you to learn here is that, had it been I deleted this blog ( I would have missed this opportunity, all my efforts would have been in vain. But I decided to give myself a break (despite I still work on another blog).

So, don't think if your blog is not showing good results (more especially traffic) today you have nothing to do with it anymore. Don't thing if AdSense disapprove your blog you don't have any other options to keep pushing your blog. Don't think if you don't make money Blogging today you will not make it tomorrow.

Stay focused, stay within your niche, saturate your blog with keywords and quality contents. And trust me you shall win one day!

I know that a lot of newbies find it difficult in writing a blog post. The most annoying part actually. Writing is sucking, writing is not easy indeed, writing is a skill that one has to learn. Don't write for the sake of writing but write with style, sound in your words.

Writing a blog post is not like writing a journal or writing a secondary school textbook. You don't need all those grammatical concord, you don't need to speak or write like a Shakespeare. Just try to avoid grammatical errors and write the way your speak to your friends.

I believe you once teach or advice someone in real life. How do you try to explain yourself to them, how do you think if you talk to them they will understand you better. What are the examples you give them so that they can understand what you're trying to explain to them.

This is how blog contents works. If someone should ask me why pro Blogger succeeded in their blogging journey, I will only tell you that it was because of their quality contents and writing style.

Yes, your audience need to see something special in you, something that differentiate you from others. And you can only show them in your blog post. When they see it they will like it, when they like your writing style they will love you, when they loves you they will become your friends.

They will help you push your blog to the next level. By sharing your blog post. Why will they share it? Because they feel inspired, they love it and they want others on their timeline to have the same feeling.

So, that is the secret my friend. Nothing more.

Please don't give up Blogging. If you find anything difficult for you kindly consult webmaster and pro Blogger. I believe they will help you sort it out. We all start from the scratched. Those who have succeeded also started from the scratched.

Nobody was born with a Blogging skills, we either learn it on the same platform (Google) or we learn it from different people across the world.


The last but not the list, learn how to stay within your niche, don't post anyhow.
A lot of Bloggers complaining about bounce rate, not knowing that going of the topic when writing a blog post is one of the major thing that causes bounce rate. Maybe in my very next post I will shoutout how to stick to your Blogging niche. This aspect is very important to learn.

Don't make your blog a dustbin for all type of posts, even if you're good in other niches just keep your posts within your blog niche online.

If you once see a visitor clicking your link (post title) on Google. Definitely, the person need information about what you have written, that is why he or she hover to read your article, when he or she come across more posts that are inline with what he or she is looking for he will be very happy. And he would like to subscribe to your blog to get more updates on that particular topic.

For instance, if you write about "how to start a blog" the next thing your visitor is expecting to see in your blog is "how to monitize your blog" not "how to download music"

You can see that the leter (how to download music) is not inline with the former (how to start a blog, how to monitize your blog).

So if you stick to your niche you will never feel frustrated with Blogging and you will forever stay focused and take your blog to the next level.

Need a freelancer? Hire me to write!

This is my little advice to you Bloggers in the house. See you in my next shouting!

Please show some love and share this post. God bless!

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