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Wow! Do you have a business to advertise?. Here is a guidelines for you on how to create a successful blogging

It’s 2019, and your business either doesn’t have a blog, or it’s
time to upgrade and assess how your blog can really help
function as a tool for business growth. If you’ve already decided
it’s time to launch a blog for your business, you’ve probably

bought into the “why.” Here’s a reminder:
• B2B marketers who use blogs receive 67% more leads than
those who do not.
• Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more
likely to enjoy positive ROI.
• Blogging is cost-effective in that the only thing you really
need to spend is time.
• Companies who blog receive 97% more links directing to
their website.
• Blogs have been rated as the fifth most trusted source for
accurate online information.
Convinced yet? Blogging is a crucial part of inbound marketing
because it allows you to quickly disseminate helpful information
to your followers and new site visitors. This, in turn, helps build
credibility, SEO juice, and helps you become more of a thought
leader in your industry.
Not only that, blogging has an exponential long-term impact.
The longer and more often you blog, the more traffic you’ll

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generate overPersona.

 Now let's discuss easy ways to counter your success through blogging, in this article I put more emphasis on those who are running offline businesses already, nevertheless, as a newbies (blogging beginners) this article would be more useful to you as am going to explain how you can get started with your blog and earn money. Wow! It sound "great" right? Yes, indeed you can earn from blogging even if you don't have any offline business to advertise on your blog. In my next article  am going to tell you what a pro blogger can never tell you, you just need to keep yourself updated with my new post as it will benefit you and guide you as well, letz jump to the matters, now, the next step is below

Identify Your Target Persona

The essential first step to launch a successful blog is to know why and for whom you’re writing content. You might be thinking, “What do you mean who am I writing for? I’m writing for my potential customers!” That may be the case, but having the right target persona for your blog and products requires much more data and research. It’s not enough to just want to help your customers by providing content; you also need to know who your potential customers are and what pain-points and challenges they want to solve. To figure this out, start with a buyer persona — a fictional, generalized representation of your ideal customer. They help you understand your customers (and prospective customers) better, and make it easier for you to tailor content to the specific needs, behaviors, and concerns of different groups. When it comes to blogging, having a buyer persona to target content helps you understand what kinds of content you should be writing to attract your target customers. What type of information do you need to collect in order to understand your buyer persona?

Start Building a Bank of Evergreen  Content.

 Now the question is: How do you build and sustain a blog with content for that target audience? Where’s the best place to start? The answer: by building a list of evergreen content. Evergreen content is any content that stays relevant no matter what week, month, season, or year it is. It’s timeless, high-value, canonical pieces of content that will remain interesting to your audience no matter when they interact with it.Unlike timely or newsworthy pieces, which are also valuable content for you to consider on your blog, your evergreen content is where you should start your content brainstorming. It’s also what will help you rank for keywords and build authority with search engines over time.Now that you’ve done research on your buyer persona, it should be a lot easier to think about what evergreen content you should be writing — both at launch and as time goes on.

Choose the Right CMS for Your Blog

In order to successfully launch and maintain a blog, you’ll need an effective content management system (CMS) — a digital system that enables you to host digital content.While identifying your target persona and generating content ideas is the strategic side of launching a blog, these next few weeks are devoted to the equally important technical side.

Design Your Blog

Once you’ve chosen a CMS, it’s time to make your blog come to life. You’ll want to not only make your blog look awesome, but also optimize it for lead generation and turning visitors into prospects and, ultimately, customers.

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