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Arc. Bilal A. Yusuf

A little about me and the essence of bilatechblog

        Welcome to bilatech. I will like to tell you that you are very lucky to come across this platform (bilatechblog). Well, I am Architect Bilal A. Yusuf, the designer and owner of bilatechblog. In this my very blog site am going to uproot and explain what a blogger can never tell you, it's quite easy to start blogging and earn each penny to cope with your financial needs. In a nutshell, you are about to encounter your success as am going to take you through all blog tips, guidelines and ethical hacking, in short, all you need to know right from the scratched will be provided for you in this blog.

    A brief history of my blogging
Yeah, I know it sound "wow" to you by seeing my name tittled with "Architect" right?. Yes, I'm an Architect, I design house plans as well, I dove into  studying architecture because of the spirit that I have for it. Also, I was so passionate about blogging as well that is what drove me to have this " double combinations ". Indeed, it's PASSION, the only thing that will never make you feel boredom and stressful or even giving up in all what you put your hands on. Now, I know you will have this question in mind to ask  " how do I cope to run my profession and  blogging at the same time? ", well, as I told you earlier, it's all about PASSION, I have never get tired in doing what I love most and that is what I want you to drive within you before starting blogging.

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          I started blogging just in a recent (2016), I spent the first year learning and making research on all what I need to know about blogging and well, it works for me. In 2017 I started working as HTML editor, blog monitoring and SEO analyst of my friends blog and indeed, I get paid. Despite that I didn't blog to make money, a little penny is coming out of it. Do you know why?, answer: " because no knowledge is wasted! ".
           Let's go there!, on 10th-September-2018 I received a phone call from a friend in Uganda, who wanted to propose a blog site for their medical students association in St. Augustine International University, Uganda. It was a very big opportunity for me to have a blog site where students can share knowledge and experience, as well as to carry out other related research. Indeed, that was my aims " sharing of knowledge " as a result of that I got a tangible outcome from it which I cannot only explain it here. The blog site is under my management and monitoring. To view blog click
    Therefore, I have decided to create a new blog purposely in order to dismount what I have devoted my precious time and finance to learn and give it to you in a condense. At this point, you might ask why am using blogspot blog, here is a plain answer for you. I decided to use blogspot blog only to share blog tips and guidelines because I want to prove you that with blogspot blog you can make more money without spending any lil cash, lets keep pushing together you will see thousands of reasons from this blog. blogspot blog is the easiest platform that you can learn much on blogging from the scratched because the other pro blogging platforms are not blog site for newbies ( beginners ) as their articles are only meants for third party bloggers, so you are very  lucky to reach bilatechblog where we only focused on newbies. You can subscribe for our newsletters to reach you when ever we had a new post in bilatechblog.
Note: learn before you start blogging to avoid trials by error and silly mistakes which might resulted you in both financial and time wasting.
        Thank you for visiting bilatechblog. Don't forget to subscribe for our updates!

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Arc. Bilal A. Yusuf

About Arc. Bilal A. Yusuf

Bilal Abdullahi is the CEO of A tech Blogger, young architect and enterprenuer. He is an extrovert, dertermined to outreach both digital marketers and young professionals with online opportunities and how to explore and leverage online presence. Bilal has been helping companies and big brands to promote their products/services online and to reach out their targeted audience through adverts and sponsorship.

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