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How To Market Your Product On Instagram In 2019

How To Market Your Product On Instagram In 2019

Have you ever thought of promoting your product(s) on Instagram before?... We know quite alright that Instagram Isn't for promoting stuff.

It Is a social media platform that has grown drastical since It's inception. You may have a products that you want people to know about but you don't have an Idea on how to market your products on Instagram, don't worry because you are at the right point, I will elaborate all the tactics that you need to know.

Instagram marketing can help you take your product(s) to the next level entirely. You can start making some penny If you eventually become successful on the long run.

Here Is How To Promote Your Products On Instagram

Create An Instagram Account:

Before you can successfully market your product(s) on Instagram, you need to have an Instagram account. You should create a business account because marketing a product(s) Is a form of business and you will need to run ads campaign in the next feature in order for your products to reach more Instagram users.

Having a personal Instagram account will do. You can as well switch from a personal account to a business account, It all depends on you.


Choose a name that clearly describe your brands. Your Instagram profile photo should relate to what you are willing to offer to your audience.

Make sure your profile is well organized and avoid anything that may depict a sign of fraudulent on your profile. You have to build trust between you and your audience. Make your profile legit In such a way that people won't think you are trying to scam them.

Look for iteams in your NICHE and market them the right way. Your profile will make people trust you as a leader plus giving them impression that you are an expert In that field. Your profile should not be deplorable, this could turn down people's Interest.

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Start Building Followers:

You need more people to know more about your product which Is why you need connections and trust. People won't follow you If you don't give them the services they want.

To build more followers, you can embed photos of your product(s) on your personal blog and websites. Add your Instagram profile links to other content aggregators like facebook bios, twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn profiles. Have a branded and complete profile setup If you want to Increase your followers.

Link A Website Or Blog:

Website/blog is very important in any business. Now a day a lot of businesses are growing more through internet marketing. Therefore you need an expert webdesigner to do the work for you. You can also start with a free blogging platform like blogger.com

You can read this article leter on how to create a business website on blogger.com and why website or blog is a necessity for small business entrepreneurs.

Having built your audience to a certain level, you will soon begin to have more buyers. In some cases, people would like to have a look at your website or blog to find out more about your product(s) somehow. Your website or blog should contain full details about your product(s). So linking a website or blog Is a good Idea.

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Make Use Of Quality Images:

Have a presentable images, use quality Images that will convince and not confuse your audience. Just like my friend way back In school would say "what you see, you shall believe".

Seeing Is believing, and you can achieve that by using Quality Images that are related to your products.

An Ambassador Can Do The Job:

 If you are familiar with any artistes or you have a connections with them, they can help you grow you products on Instagram. For instance, Davido used to  advertise mobile phones for a company. You would be shocked when a staff from Pepsi company told you how much they used to make when Wiskid advertise their products. Once you were able to get someone famous like them, trust me you will get a stunning sells. Perhaps, hiring a popular artiste might cost you much money. Therefore, I suggest you start with a comedians, they can also sort it out for you.

Develop A Mobile Application:

There are apps for everything. Get an app developer to help you develop an app for your products. If you're really serious with your business having IN-APP store to advertise and sell your products as well as keeping customers in your boundary is a necessity.

We can develop any kind of android app for your business. If you are interested download our chat app and contact us. Publish your app and more people will get to know more about the product(s) you are promoting.

SUMARRY: How To Market Your Products On Instagram

Instagram Is Indeed a great marketing tool and therefore should not be underestimated. Instagram Is the 7th top social media platform on the Internet and It has the power to do extraordinary things aside chatting and video sharing. Having learnt (how to market your product on Instagram), you can equally give It a try and see how It works.

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Airtel Double Data | How To Activate 5GB For N1500, 3GB For N1000 And 1.5GB For N500 and enjoy internet streaming

Airtel Double Data | How To Activate 5GB For N1500, 3GB For N1000 And 1.5GB For N500 and enjoy internet streaming

Hello my good people. Today I'm shouting this AWUF here at techshouters.com.ng on how to get Airtel 5GB for N1500, 3GB for N1000 and 1.5GB for N500 naira. You will keep enjoying this double data plans for three (3) months to be specific.

After the three (3) months Is over, you can't get double data on that sim anymore, unless you purchase a new sim card entirely.

Perhaps, you have been missing all mtn/glo/airtel/etisalat data cheats and browsing tweeks to enjoy. Obviously, this double data plans are not airtel cheats, perhaps they are offers which are given to new subscribers.

I have enjoyed this offer few years ago on my airtel sim and I can't have access to It again unless I purchase another new sim card.

Requirements For Airtel Double Data On How To Activate 5GB For N1500, 3GB For N1000 And 1.5GB For N500 and enjoy internet streaming

Firstly, you need to buy a new airtel 4G sim card.. If you have not used this offer before on your sim be It old or new, try It on the sim you are using precently even If Its 3G. Because I used my 3G sim card and It worked perfectly for me without any restrictions.

Having gotten your new sim card, register and activate It before you begin. Having done that, send GET to 141, this will activate double data offer plans on the sim card.

How To Activate Airtel Double Data

Simply dail *144#. A list of double data offer plans will be listed for you to select from. Choose the one you want and the money will be deducted from your line. That's all.

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Download "box" app to enjoy free 10GB space. Save your internal storage with our app.

Wow! Another tech. Update is here for you to enjoy!!!

We have updated and uploaded our new app "box" in play store, you can download to enjoy free 1OGB free space.

Why do I need "box" app?

Well, you really need "box" app as it will help you to have more free space on your phone. You do not need to buy memory card just download the app from play store for free and sign up with your email address and password to keep your documents saved in the app. That's all, and start enjoying free 10GB space.

Top 10 things to do with Box for Android

Here is a screenshot below on how to used "box" app. It's not just an application its a life that you always need. Download now from play store!!!


Install the Box app on your Android phone or tablet to take your files with you wherever  you go. You can also access Box on the web from your computer and install Box Sync to automatically sync files from your desktop to your Box account.

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Sitemap guidelines to get your blog ranked higher on google search engine

What About A Sitemap?

You may have heard that having a sitemap is a good idea and helps your SEO. A

sitemap is a page that links to every page of your blog – it’s like a “map” of your

entire blog structure broken down usually by category or date.

Note there are two types of sitemaps – an XML one which is used to submit

directly to search engines (more on this below) and a standard webpage with

normal links.

In my opinion, focusing on attracting links to your blog is a smarter practice to

get your blog into search engines. The fact is, getting into the engines is easy,

rising high in the rankings is hard - and that’s why you need to get good at

building links.

However it certainly doesn’t hurt to also have a sitemap AND submit it directly to

Google. This, in most cases, will get you into the Google index. Just don’t expect

page one rankings for competitive search terms until you start building links.

Step 1: XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a list of all the pages and posts in your blog presented using

the XML coding language.

Thankfully you do not need to know XML, you just need to create an XML sitemap

and then tell Google where it is.

There is a WordPress plugin that will create an XML sitemap for you. If you are not

a WordPress blogger you may have to skip this step or find an appropriate plugin

for your blogging software but if you are using Blogger.com for blogging you made it easier for yourself because blogger blog did all this automatically.

You can download it and find installation instructions for the WordPress plugin

here -

I strongly recommend you go do this now.

The next step, once you have the sitemap, is to go to Google Webmaster Tools,

log in with your account (it’s the same username and password as you use for

Gmail - you will be asked to create an account if you don’t have one already) and

then submit your sitemap.If you are not familiar with how to do this, please watch the helpful video provided

by Tubetorial.com -

This is a critical step, so please take the time to get this done.

Step 2: Static Sitemap

A static sitemap is a bit simpler than an XML sitemap. In this case it’s a plain blog

page that lists links to every post and page in your blog in a tree-format style

directory listing.
To set up a static sitemap once again WordPress bloggers are in luck because you

can use the Dagon Design Sitemap plugin here -

This is not a easy plugin to install, so you may need to seek assistance from your

tech person to make it work how you want it to.

Once it is set up it will generate a plain list of links to all your blog posts and

pages broken down by category.

Sitemaps Are Important, But You Can Succeed Without Them

I’ll tell you a secret – for a long time I never had a sitemap at my blog. I

managed to get my blog indexed because I wrote regular content and attracted

lots of incoming links naturally. When you do this the search engine spiders

return to your blog over and over and you don’t have to worry about having a

Another reason why blogs are so good for search engine rankings is that they

usually have “next” or “previous” links at the end of each content page, which a

person can use to navigate back through all the older content. Blogs also contain

category and date based archives. These features are generated automatically by

the blog software - you probably have them already.

All of these internal linking systems mean that every page of your blog is

interconnected to every other page of your blog, which the search engine spiders

can follow to index your content. This is the key to a good internal linking

structure for SEO.
You can analyze your linking structure and make changes to focus links to your

most important pages, but even if you did absolutely nothing, your blog,

especially if it is WordPress, is already structured well. So you can breath a sigh of

relief now :-).

Should You Buy Links For Your Blog To Help With SEO?

The simple answer is no, especially in light of Google’s crackdown on link buying.

Google don’t like you buying links to improve search engine rankings. It’s okay if

you do it to purchase raw tra!c (i.e. people clicking the link and visiting your

site), but if Google thinks you are doing it to artificially inflate your search

rankings you can get slapped with a penalty - which will decrease your search

rankings - the opposite e"ect.

A blogger never needs to buy a link just to get into the search engines. It’s

very easy to accomplish this simply by blogging and interacting with other


Another important point to remember is that once you have one site that is

indexed by the search engines you can put a link up on it to your new blog to get

it into the search engines. If you already have established websites online or have

friends with blogs or websites that have been online for a while, all you need is a

link from these to achieve your first goal of search engine optimizing your blog -

inclusion in the index.

Traditional commercial sites sometimes buy links since they do not update

content regularly and need to attract incoming links in other ways.

People rarely link to a site that is filled only with sales pages, hence the flurry of

commercial sites making use of text link brokers and buying links directly from

high authority sites. However this is not a natural linking process and is one of

the reasons why commercial sites are adding blog components as part of their

overall search engine optimization strategy - so they can attract natural links.

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How does search engine works?

 How does Search Engines Work?

Google Changes The Search Engine Game
I’ve been online for a long time, since before Google was born that was before i started blogging I was studying all internet stuff like a joke, then by 2016 I jumped into serious blogging, my research became bigger and stronger. Back when I first 
started using the web I was a high school student and used search engines like 
Lycos, Looksmart, HotBot and at the time, Yahoo!, which was based 
on a human edited directory. The results were i"y, but that’s the best we had at 
the time and generally people did more “link surfing”, clicking links to go from 
site to site rather than use search engines to find what they wanted.
Google launched new search engine with a very basic homepage, a funny name and the key 
ingredient – amazingly valuable and relevant search results. At the time I had no 
idea how they did what they did and why they were di"erent, but it was clear they 
provided the best answers to the questions people went online to ask. 
If you have ever studied SEO you will realize there is a lot we don’t know about 
how Google works and the algorithms that power search results in general. We do 
know some key basic principles and it’s these that I have spent my time working on. I recommend you do the same.  Read more external link strategy
The core principle that forms the foundation for everything you do in SEO is 
PageRank. Before we move on I want you to be 100% clear on what PageRank is, 
so I have included an introduction for you below. In this section I draw upon some 
content I wrote to my blog. One article in particular explaining PageRank in simple 
terms was very popular because it teaches you only what you need to know 

What is Google’s PageRank? 

If you have ever done any reading without search engine optimization or were just 
curious how you can get your site to the top of the Google search engine results, 
understanding PageRank is vital. I’m going to introduce you to the basics of 
PageRank and also provide a brief discussion of how much you should really 
worry about PageRank if you are running a website or blog.
Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, invented PageRank and it forms 
the basis for how Google works. Google didn’t become the best search engine in 
the world by chance, it became the best search engine because it provided the 
best results. PageRank is the technology that gave Google its competitor-killing
edge, a way to greatly improve the accuracy and validity of a search response to a 
user query.
In essence PageRank provides a means to determine the value of a website for any 
given search term or keyword phrase. This value is determined by how websites 
link together with the more popular (and theoretically better) sites receiving more 
links. It’s these incoming links that help the site have a high PageRank value and 
thus display higher up in search results.
Let’s read how Google explains their PageRank system:
PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web 
by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual 
page’s value. Google interprets a link from page A to page B as 
a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than 
the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also 
analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that 
are themselves “important” weigh more heavily and help to 
make other pages “important.”
Important, high-quality sites receive a higher PageRank, which 
Google remembers each time it conducts a search. Of course, 
important pages mean nothing to you if they don’t match your 
query. So, Google combines PageRank with sophisticated text￾matching techniques to find pages that are both important and 
relevant to your search. Google goes far beyond the number of 
times a term appears on a page and examines all aspects of the 
page’s content (and the content of the pages linking to it) to 
determine if it’s a good match for your query.
The key rule to understand is that it is a combination of variables that determine 
how well your site performs in Google. These are the most important variables to 
worry about:
• Incoming links to your site.
• The relevancy (to your site’s subject matter) of the pages linking to your site
and the PageRank of these pages.
• The keywords that other sites use to link to your site.
• The keywords on your website in particular in places like page titles and
Some of those factors you can control, others you can manipulate but not directly 
control. The important thing to understand regarding PageRank is that all the 
variables will determine how high your site shows up in search engine results. 
PageRank is the name for the technology that ranks sites and includes all those 
variables and many more. Now we have discussed on so many strategies but the is a lot more to know, there for in my further articles I will discuss all the basics to make it easier for understanding. You can also read
Sitemap guidelines to get your blog ranked higher on google search engine

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A little about me and the essence of bilatechblog

        Welcome to bilatech. I will like to tell you that you are very lucky to come across this platform (bilatechblog). Well, I am Architect Bilal A. Yusuf, the designer and owner of bilatechblog. In this my very blog site am going to uproot and explain what a blogger can never tell you, it's quite easy to start blogging and earn each penny to cope with your financial needs. In a nutshell, you are about to encounter your success as am going to take you through all blog tips, guidelines and ethical hacking, in short, all you need to know right from the scratched will be provided for you in this blog.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Wow! Do you have a business to advertise?. Here is a guidelines for you on how to create a successful blogging

It’s 2019, and your business either doesn’t have a blog, or it’s
time to upgrade and assess how your blog can really help
function as a tool for business growth. If you’ve already decided
it’s time to launch a blog for your business, you’ve probably